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Posable Star Trek action figures of popular characters

KRE-O Star Trek Space Dive Construction Set (A3138)

KRE-O Star Trek Space Dive Construction Set (A3138)

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Star Trek Skele-Treks Series 1 Gravity Feed 6-Pack

The figures in this Star Trek Skele-Treks ...

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Star Trek Select Spock Action Figure

Designed and Sculpted by Art Asylum! It's an all-new Star Trek action figure line designed especially for collectors! Packaged in display-friendly Select packaging, each 7-inch scale figure comes with a diorama-style accessory and interchangeable parts for a variety of display options. The first offering in this new series is Commander Spock, first officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise, who comes with a cave backdrop and the Horta alien from the classic episode "Devil in the Dark." Get in on the grou

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Star Trek Starships Klingon Bird of Prey Figure with Mag.

This incredible Starships Collection of Star Trek ...

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Star Trek Starships Enterprise NX-01 Figure with Magazine

This incredible Starships Collection of Star Trek ...

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Star Trek Select Captain Kirk Action Figure

Can Kirk conquer Khan? It's an awesome ...

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Star Trek Select TNG Captain Jean-Luc Picard Figure

The Star Trek Select line is boldly ...

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Star Trek Select The Next Generation Worf Action Figure

The Enterprise's Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant Worf, ...

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Star Trek Select Picard Action Figure

The all-new Star Trek Select line is boldly going forward, and leaving the 23rd century behind! The next figure to get the deluxe, 7-inch treatment from DST is Captain Jean-Luc Picard, from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Striking an attack pose atop a detailed Borg battle scene display base, this figure will feature limited articulation, as well as exacting sculpt and paint.

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Star Trek: The Original Series Classic Communicator

Decades after its 1966 TV debut, Star Trek remains one of the most widely recognized pop culture franchises. This full-scale toy is modeled directly from original Star Trek props for maximum authenticity. With sound effects and clips from the groundbreaking classic series, each of these limited collectibles features a pop-open design with flip-top plastic gold screen. Don't be caught on your next away mission without one of these handy lifesavers!

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Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Battle Damaged Enterprise B Ship

A Diamond Select Release designed by Art Asylum! Red alert! Red alert! The U.S.S. Enterprise has taken a direct hit from the Nexus Wave and all decks have suffered major damage! The Excelsior-class starship is back with all-new paint decorations to replicate its on-screen damage from Star Trek: Generations! Packaged in a Try Me window box so customers can test its movie-accurate lights and sounds, the Enterprise B measures 16 inches long and comes with an adjustable display stand.

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Star Trek Klingon Disruptor

At long last, Diamond Select has added the new Star Trek Klingon Disruptor to their role-play series from the company that gave you screen-accurate phasers, communicators and tricorders. This will become the Klingon empire's most popular accessory. This legendary Star Trek disruptor weapon comes with electronic lights and sounds, for the complete role-play experience. Your phaser has met its match. At long last, the Star Trek disruptor has been recreated as an exciting prop-replica weapon.

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Star Trek Enterprise B Ship

The Star Trek Enterprise B Ship is a must have for any collector or fan of the hit series and movies. One of the most fan-requested Star Trek ships, the Excelsior-class Starship is finally on its way as an electronic ship replica from Diamond Select. Designed by Art Asylum, this Starship Enterprise model measures 16" long and comes with a display stand, which allows you to proudly show off the finished product. It is a replica of the Starship seen in the opening sequence of Star Trek: Generation

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Star Trek Undiscovered Country Excelsior Ship

The next electronic starship from DST and Art Asylum is finally leaving drydock! The U.S.S. Excelsior, registry number NCC-2000, commanded by Captain Hikaru Sulu, came to the rescue at the end of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, when it helped the Enterprise defeat General Chang and his experimental Bird of Prey. This new ship measures 16 inches long and features film-accurate lights and sound effects, as well as the voice of George "Sulu" Takei himself. Includes adjustable display stand.

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Diamond Select Toys Star Trek IV H.M.S. Bounty Klingon Bird Of Prey Ship

From the year 1986, comes the newest electronic starship from Diamond Select Toys! This Klingon Bird of Prey was captured by the crew of the destroyed Enterprise, renamed "Bounty" and used to go back in time to find humpback whales. Now it's back in the future to join your collection! Measuring 19 inches wide and 12 inches long, this new edition of the Bird of Prey includes exclusive sounds, dialogue and a set of landing gear.

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Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Klingon Bird of Prey Ship

The Diamond Select Star Trek Toy Ship is a joy for a Star Trek fan, providing an interesting addition to a collection or a great start to a new one. This Klingon Bird of Prey Ship is seen in multiple feature films and features movie-accurate lights and sounds. It was the first non-Enterprise ship in the line, and many fans will be impressed by the replication. The kids' toy ship can easily sit on a shelf or in a cabinet. Star Trek fans will proudly display the Diamond Select Star Trek Toy Ship w

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