Star Trek Phasers

Replica and toy Phasers and other weapons from Star Trek

Star Trek Awesome Phaser Sticker

If you get the 4 inch diameter ...

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Star Trek Next Generation Phaser Gun Halloween Accessory

Includes one black and gray toy gun. The toy gun does make noise, which will require two AAA batteries (not included). This is an officially licensed Star Trek product.

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Star Trek TNG Phaser

Star Trek TNG Phaser

Make sure you have this Star Trek phaser before you beam down to any mysterious planets! This item is officially licensed and looks just like the ones carried by Captain Picard and his crew in The Next Generation. It makes realistic sound effects and requires three separate AAA batteries.

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Star Trek The Next Generation Phaser

Star Trek The Next Generation Phaser

Phaser from Star Trek Next Generation - ...

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Halloween Star Trek Movie Phaser Gun

Be prepared for your alien opposition this year with the Halloween Star Trek Movie Phaser Gun. This plastic replica Star Trek gun from the classic series is an ideal addition to any Captain Kirk-themed Halloween costume for trick or treating with the kids or enjoying a festive Halloween party.

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Star Trek Phaser Light-Up Key Chain

Set phasers to ...

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Star Trek Phaser Gun

Star Trek Phaser Gun

Star Trek Phaser Gun - Complete your ...

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Star Trek Phaser Gun

Set phasers to stun! Beam down from ...

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Star Trek Phaser Gun

Star Trek Phaser Gun

Star Trek Phaser Gun - The future ...

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Diamond Select Toys Star Trek: The Original Series Black Handle Phaser

This Diamond Select Toys Star Trek The Original Series Phaser is modeled after the one on the classic television series. Imagine the thrills that will unfold as you beam everything and everyone in sight into imaginary intergallactic destinations. With authentic sounds taken directly from the TV series, the Star Trek replica phaser features action lights, sounds and adjustable power settings. While you are on board the Enterprise, your Star Trek phaser toy with black handle will always be at the

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Star Trek: Original Series Phaser Laser Pointer Keychain

"Star Trek Phaser Laser Pointer Keychain Set ...

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Star Trek III Movie Phaser Light-Up Prop Replica with Sound

Anybody seen Spock? Now, don't you go ...

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Star Trek Phaser Cuff Links - 1 Pair

Trekkies unite with officially licensed Star Trek ...

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Star Trek Phaser Cufflinks

Captain Kirk was the epitome of cool, ...

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