Star Trek TOS Starfleet Officer Duty Male Uniform Shirt Kit

  • Customize your own Starfleet shirt!
  • Choose your preferred cloth and go to work!
  • For creative Star Trek fans!
Tired of clothes that don't fit? Take charge and do it yourself with this Star Trek Original Series Starfleet Officer Duty Uniform Male Shirt pattern kit! This kit has step-by-step instructions, fabric and supply list, color charts, and illustrated diagrams and detailed photographs, all for you to customize your own shirt! Shirt sizes range from small through XXL. Professionally designed for easy sewing. Cut your pattern size per instructions, lay out to determine yardage, cut pieces and follow easy-to-understand instructions. Your uniform will be an exact copy of those worn by the Enterprise crew. This pattern is for the uniform in Star Trek: The Original Series. It also appears in the Deep Space Nine episode "Trials and Tribble-ations."

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